Agrofredina Company Limited started business operations as a sole proprietorship legally registered in 2017 and converted to a limited liability company in 2021. It has been into the aggregation of soybeans and sheanuts and the operation of an out-grower scheme for soybean production and resourcing of rural women for sheanut collection. The business started with 50 smallholder farmers (all women) and has grown its smallholder farmer out-growers to 1,500 and sheanut collectors to 700 (who are all women) as of the 2023 farming season. It supports smallholder farmer out-growers with ploughing services and inputs such as fertilizer and agrochemicals on credit at the start of the farming season, and repayment is made in kind after harvest. To ensure the application of Good Agronomic Practices (GAP), the smallholder farmers are provided with agronomic training covering pre- and post-harvest management. It also supports its sheanut pickers with protective clothing and bicycles (with carriers) to facilitate easy collection and higher volumes of collection to ensure increased revenues for the women. To provide access to the market, Agrofredina aggregates from its supported smallholder farmers and sheanut collectors as well as over 1,000 additional smallholder farmers in the Nanton, Karaga, Gusheggu, Saboba, Saveligu, Tolon, Nalerigu, Yendi, Sissala East, and Tamale districts of the Northern, North East and Upper West Regions of Ghana.