Agrofredina Enterprise is a registered commodity trading establishment with the Registrar General’s Department under the registration of business name Act, 151 (1992). Agrofredina Enterprise was formed in 2015 by Mr Saah Frederick to aggregate and supply some selected known commodities in Ghana such as Soybeans, Maize, and Rice. The ideation of Agrofredina Enterprise started in 2015 when the founder had the opportunity to engage soybean farmers in Wa. Agrofredina Enterprise has an office in Tamale as the headquarters, with over 6 satellite centers in some selected districts in the north of Ghana.

To be known as the number one grade “A” organic grains’ supplier by 2028


To elevate the economic conditions of smallholder farmers in northern Ghana through improved cultivation support and access to the market with premium prices.

For Agrofredina Enterprise to accomplish its mission, the following have been adopted as our operational strategies or objectives.

• Formation of out-growers groups in various communities we operate.• Training of 5,000 out-growers within 6 selected districts
• Financial support to 2,000 out-growers in the next 2 years
• Provision of farm inputs and implements to over 5,000 out-growers
• Construction of 5 warehouses in some selected communities within 2 years• Acquisition of 3 different grading and cleaning machines to be sited at 3 selected soybeans farming communities.

Core Value:
• SMART Agriculture & Livelihood

• Climate change adaptation for sustainable development

• Non-tribal, partisan and political involvement

• Democracy and good governance.